myGovID to replace AUSkey

From the first of April 2020 the new myGovID will replace AUSkey and businesses will be required to use this myGovID to interact with the ATO. The first thing to note is that myGovID is not connected with the existing myGov system. The use of a similar name is confusing but the new system is an improvement on the clunky and outdated AUSkey. Security The two-step authentication used by myGovID…  Read more

You Should Be Using Two Factor Authentication

For small business owners, the risk of data breaches and fraud is high, so taking all the necessary steps to protect your sensitive data is a must. Unfortunately for many entrepreneurs the decision to increase their company’s data protection comes too late – after they’ve been victimized by a malicious hacker. The good news is, simple and inexpensive steps can be taken to avoid being hacked. According to a recent…  Read more

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